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Andrew Mills snatches Hyeres victory

Andrew Mills snatches Hyeres victory

Andrew Mills (GBR) has won his first ever major Finn event after snatching victory at the ISAF Sailing World Cup Hyeres. Saturday was medal race day and after trailing team mate Giles Scott (GBR) all week, he was the best performer on the final day to take a well deserved win. Scott took the silver while Josh Junior (NZL) took bronze.

A mixed week of conditions ended with light wind and light rain, but the Finns got their two races in nevertheless. Giles Scott went into the day with a six point lead over Andrew Mills while Josh Junior trailed Pieter-Jan Postma by just one point. It was always going to be a day of two battles on the water. Scott and Mills were always going to be fighting for the top spot while the rest of the fleet could theoretically take bronze.

Andrew Mills took first blood in the opening race with a confidence boosting win from Giles Scott and Josh Junior. Third overall Pieter-Jan Postma (NED) started early and had to return while Junior led round the first lap from Scott and Mills. With just five knots of wind, Mills took the lead on the next upwind to lead to the finish from Scott, Junior and Jonathan Lobert (FRA). Postma was a distant ninth.

In winning the race, Mills took zero points and reduced the deficit on regatta leader Scott to just two points and set up a thrilling match race finale for the gold. A third for Junior gave him a seven point cushion in third place but the best he could get was now a bronze. However there were still another five boats capable of taking it out of his hands going in the final race.

As the final race started Mark Andrews (GBR) took the early lead from Mills and Lobert. Into the first downwind and Mills led Scott but they were back in sixth and seventh. They split tacks on the leg but Mills made the best of it to move up to third at the final top mark behind Andrews and Lobert. Scott was back in eighth with a second consecutive world cup win slipping from his grasp.

Mills held his cool and his position to cross in third, while there were lots of other changes on the final downwind. The win finally went to Thomas Le Breton (FRA) from Postma, while Scott crossed in tenth.

So Andrews Mills takes his first ever Sailing World Cup gold after a series of top finishes at other events. He has sailed under the shadow of his more successful British Finn counterparts for many years and this win is perhaps justification of his commitment and ability in a very competitive fleet.

Mills said, “The first race was light winds after 30 minutes postponement. Josh lead from the right and I moved in to the lead at the leeward gate and had easy choices on the second beat to stay ahead. That meant just me or Giles could win so we had a pre-start match but both got ok starts. Mine was a very good one,  got punched quickly.  Giles came back from the right ahead with a right hand shift but I led round windward mark. Downwind we split very slightly but I was happy I was on the right gybe. I then went right at the gate and split again. When we came back I had a decent lead and the race was over from there."

"It's great to win a big one and make some intentions clear for the new cycle. I'm really happy with how winter training has gone and looking forward to getting onto the next one."

Scott was perhaps unlucky not to go away with the win, but admits he didn't sail his best today. He said, “It was very shifty again but I messed up the last race getting on the wrong side of a 20 degree shift. But Mills sailed really well.”

There has been a lot written about the new scoring format that ISAF has trialled at Sailing World Cup regattas this year. We've had a lot of comments from sailors over the two weeks at Palma and now at Hyeres, and not many of them are that favourable. One of the more vocal has been Giles Scott. He encapsulated his feelings earlier in the week by saying, “I'm firmly on the side that these format changes are detrimental to the integrity of our sport, and that they do nothing but bring a level of chance into play.”

Over the week in Hyeres, some sailors have clearly benefited from the two part regatta and some have been penalised. One of those who benefited was Mark Andrews who clearly sailed below par in the first part of the regatta, finishing 28th in the opening series, but then turned it around in the second half to just make the cut for the medal race. If it had been a traditional series then he would have been unlikely to have made the medal race.

He said, “I think nobody really likes this system. ISAF seem to be determined to punish the best and most consistent sailor of the week. Not sure why the wheel needs to be reinvented and come up with the most difficult system to explain to sailors and fans alike. The scoring system also puts pressure on the race committee on the first few days to get the qualifying in. The conditions at the start of the week were borderline to race and I can see us having to race in worse conditions in the future just to get the races in. Although this system has benefited me this week I don't really want to sail in it again.”

What happens next will be interesting to watch.

Correction: Due to a results mix up we incorrectly reported the silver fleet finishing position yesterday. The correct results were that Lauri Vainsalu (EST) won the silver fleet from Alican Kaynar (TUR) and Oleksiy Borysov (UKR) after Peng Zhang (CHN) picked up his second black flag in the final race.

Final results (medal race positions in brackets)
1 GBR 85 Andrew MILLS 23.00 (1, 3)
2 GBR 41 Giles SCOTT 35.00 (2, 10)
3 NZL 24 Josh JUNIOR 49.00 (3, 4)
4 NED 842 Pieter-Jan POSTMA 56.00 (9, 2)
5 FRA 29 ThomasLE BRETON 59.00 (6, 1)
6 FRA 112 Jonathan LOBERT 67.00 (4, 8)
7 GBR 11 Edward WRIGHT 72.00 (5, 7)
8 SLO 573 Vasilij ZBOGAR 74.00 (7, 9)
9 GBR 88 Mark ANDREWS 86.00 (8, 5)
10 AUS 261 Oliver TWEDDELL 91.00 (10, 6)

Full results:

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Scott and Mills extend as fleet prepare for medal races
Giles Scott (GBR) and Andrew Mills (GBR) have built a useful cushion between themselves as the rest of the fleet on the last day of the finals series at the ISAF Sailing World Cup Hyeres. Scott won the first race of the day and then, the last race was won by Pieter-Jan Postma (NED) who moves back up to third, but just one point ahead of Josh Junior (NZL) in fourth.

The third finals day started with grey skies with early light rain with the wind not building much beyond 10-12 knots.

In the first race of the day Giles Scott consolidated his overall lead with a second race win, while his main opponent Andrew Mills crossed second. Thomas Le Breton (FRA) seemed to prefer the lighter winds again and crossed in third.

Pieter-Jan Postma took a much needed win in the final race to close the gap on the leaders with the super consistent Mills in second again and then Scott in third.

Scott said, “In the first race I rounded in third and had a good run to round just behind Mills and Thomas. I then went right to overtake them and win the race.”

About the format, “I don't think it's so great at all especially when you look at the forecast tomorrow, very variable, but you never know, it could all be fine, and we may get some good racing.”

Postma has now recovered to third overall, “In the second race, the first downwind was free pumping but the second wasn't. So I could keep the lead that I had built on the second upwind, when it got lighter and the wind shifted right.”

“In finals it was mostly about speed, a reasonable start and then play the left. I need to work on my speed as the Brits go faster downwind with really nice technique. For me it's not about fitness, it's about the right moment and the right power. So it's about feel. I need to work on that.”

“But I'm really looking forward for tomorrow. Giles and Mills have a 20 point lead, but after that, it's all to play for. Will be some exciting medal races.”

After a 4, 7 today Oliver Tweddell (AUS) has qualified for his first medal race in Europe and he's pretty pleased about it. He revealed, “This will be my first medal race in a European regatta which is pretty exciting, I have done a few at Sail Melbourne before so I kind of know what to expect, but this one is pretty special.”

“Today the conditions were flicking between 8-12 knots. I seemed to have good speed in these conditions and they weren't too stressful on my injury so I was having a lot of fun.”

“Tomorrow with the medal stage means there are a lot of points up for grabs, so I am pretty keen to try and improve on my ninth place. There are some extremely good sailors in the medal race so it will be very tough. I am just pumped to be racing amongst them.”

A late charge from Mark Andrews (GBR) means he has made the medal race at the last possible moment. He said, “It makes a change from three years ago when I was 11th at every event.”

“The conditions today were a bit similar to the last race yesterday, around 10 knots so the pumping flag was up and down with the wind.”

“It's good I made it after the shocker I had first few days. I've got nothing to loose going in but got to take it like any race and try and do as well as I can. But it's a bit unlikely I can medal.”

“I think the scoring system is bit dodgy. I definitely don't deserve to be where I am but it is what it is. The conditions the first few days were not great for me I didn't sail the beats very well.”

In the silver fleet a 1, 2 from Peng Zhang (CHN) took him to the top to win by just two points from Lauri Vainsalu (EST) and Oleksiy Borysov (UKR). Borysov had led the silver fleet since the start of the final series but a 6, 8 today cost him dearly. The final race for the silver fleet was won by Enrico Voltolini (ITA).

Going into the medal race, Scott has a six point lead over Mills, but then there is a sizeable 17 point gap to Postma in third. The points are very tight after that so anything could and probably will happen in Saturday’s medal races with a possible 40 points up for grabs.

In fact anyone in the top 10 can theoretically medal. And any in the top eight can theoretically still take the gold. Despite Scott’s and Mill’s significant domination and advantage, they still have to go out and do it all over again.

The two Finn medal races are scheduled for 13.00 on Saturday.

Results after 11 races (5 opening series, 6 finals series)
1 GBR 41 Giles SCOTT 11.00
2 GBR 85 Andrew MILLS 17.00
3 NED 842 Pieter-Jan POSTMA 34.00
4 NZL 24 Josh JUNIOR 35.00
5 SLO 573 Vasilij ZBOGAR 42.00
6 FRA 112 Jonathan LOBERT 43.00
7 FRA 29 Thomas LE BRETON 47.00
8 GBR 11 Edward WRIGHT 48.00
9 AUS 261 Oliver TWEDDELL 59.00
10 GBR 88 Mark ANDREWS 60.00

Full results:

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Giles Scott strikes out on day four in Hyeres
Giles Scott (GBR) made his move on the fourth day at the ISAF Sailing World Cup Hyeres. A 1, 2 in Thursday's races gives him a five point lead over Andrew Mills (GBR), who won the second race, while some great sailing and consistency moves Josh Junior (NZL) up to third.

He has been poised to strike all week, always near the top but not making many waves around him. Giles Scott's results during the opening series were nothing to write home about but he still ended up second. This valuable two points, which is non-discardable, is now serving him well as he puts some distance between himself and the chasing fleet at the regatta moves towards its conclusion.

Scott led a British charge in the first race of the day in a much lighter breeze than the forecast 20 knots. Mark Andrews (GBR) took second with Ed Wright (GBR) in fourth and Andrew Mills in seventh. It pushed Scott to the top of the leaderboard for the first time this week. Josh Junior split the British team, crossing in third.

Four black flags inside the top 10 in race five (or the fourth actual race of the final series if you are still confused) changed the landscape somewhat with this morning's leader Pieter-Jan Postma (NED), Jonathan Lobert (FRA) Vasilij Zbogar (SLO) and Andrew Murdoch (NZL) all pulled out. A further eight boats further down were also disqualified for black flag infringements.

After the first general recall eight boats were pulled out when a left shift during sequence made people push the line too hard. Then another were four black flagged in the start that got away.

In the end it was Andrew Mills who led Scott across the finish line with Tapio Nirkko (FIN) in third. Mills summed up his day, “Race 1 was a left hand track but a long right hander a third of the way up the beat meant a pretty even race course. I was a little stuck in the pack but with good speed and happy to get back to seventh.”

“Race 2 got away in much lighter breeze but there was plenty of breeze on the horizon on the left so it was pretty much a race to the left. I started well and got out there. Then we had a limited pumping run which meant a change of sailing style to a bit more 'softly softly catchy monkey'. The final run was a good battle with Giles and I just managed to finish ahead.”

Scott said, “I did well out of a right shift on the first beat, rounding in about fourth or fifth and sailed to second downwind and maintained the gap that Mark had on me up the second beat. Then I was able to pass him near the bottom of the last run before the finish.”

On his performance so far Scott revealed, “I had the one really bad race in qualifying with some very up and down wind that I didn't make the most of, and then some gear failure in the final qualifying race with a vang shackle coming undone.”

On the new format he said, “Vasilij [Zbogar] was a little hard done by as he had a 10 point lead over me which is a shame for him as he sailed really well over the first two days. I still think the qualifying needs to count for more.”

Junior moves up one to third overall after a 3, 6. “I struggled a little bit going upwind, but have more than enough pace downwind to make up for it. The forecast today was for a lot of breeze but it never eventuated. I think because there was to much high cloud around. Looking forward to the last day of finals racing tomorrow before medal racing on Saturday.”

In the silver fleet there were race wins for Olympians Alican Kaynar (TUR) and Peng Zhang (CHN). However Oleksiy Borysov (UKR) continues to lead, albeit by just one point from Kaynar and two from Zhang after a 5, 6 today.

There are two races left for the gold and silver fleets before the top 10 go into Saturday’s two medal races.

Results after nine races
1 GBR 41 Giles SCOTT 8.00
2 GBR 85 Andrew MILLS 13.00
3 NZL 24 Josh JUNIOR 18.00
4 NED 842 Pieter Jan POSTMA 18.00
5 GBR 11 Edward WRIGHT 21.00
6 FRA 112 Jonathan LOBERT 24.00
7 SLO 573 Vasilij ZBOGAR 30.00
8 FIN 218 Tapio NIRKKO 34.00
9 FRA 29 Thomas LE BRETON 36.00
10 NZL 16 Andrew MURDOCH 36.00

Full results:

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Postma prospers in breezy Hyeres
A change in wind wrought many changes on the Finn class on day three at the ISAF Sailing World Cup Hyeres. Pieter-Jan Postma (NED) has moved into a narrow lead over Giles Scott (GBR) while former leader Vasilij Zbogar (SLO) drops to third, though just one point separates the top three. In the much needed, much increased wind, race wins went to Jonathan Lobert (FRA) and Ed Wright (GBR).

With forecasts of 15-20 knots, the fleet started its final series in gold and silver fleets. The stronger wind brought some new faces to the front and the light wind experts suffered, but it was a near perfect day for sailing

The first race went to Jonathan Lobert (FRA) from Pieter-Jan Postma and Andrew Mills (GBR). Lobert explained, “Today the key was a good start and good speed. Then it was classic Hyeres east wind race, mostly on the left side of the course. I won the first race just in front of PJ after a good downwind and in the second race I finished just behind Ed Wright.”

“I am happy with my sailing today I hope to keep on going that way. There are four more races to go and then the medal races, so a lot can still happen.”

Then Ed Wright won the next race, his second race of the week with Lobert rounding out the best performance of the day in second and the ever consistent Mills in third again.

Wright said, “Another race win in completely different conditions. Today was fabulous sailing in about 14-16 knots, but it seemed stronger. I think I need to man up! There were awesome waves downwind. It was a pleasure to sail today.”

“I sailed the first upwind reasonably well rounding third. Then I had a solid downwind, leading at the bottom and held it to the finish. I saw some really great sailing technique from the others today on the downwind. The downwind game has moved forward and I need to work on this over the coming months.”

Mills added, “It was great to get some good breeze and the forecast remains good for the rest of the week. It was a similar day to yesterday with the left hand track although the second race saw a few more gains from the right.”

He made an important observation,“This week could prove the best example of the problems with the scoring system. Those that sailed consistently in the light get hardly any benefit from the first two days and the final results will probably reflect a heavy breeze regatta not the mixed event it has been.”

In the silver fleet Lauri Vainsalu (EST) had the best of the day with a 1, 2, but still sits in eighth place. London 2012 Olympian Oleksiy Borysov (UKR) leads the fleet after a 2, 3 in today's fresh winds.

Vainsalu commented, “Definitely I'm very happy with my downwind speed today. I felt very confident and I had good rhythm and it worked out great. I managed to make big gains and big distance with others downwind. So I'm pleased with today's races. After a horrible first two days it was refreshing to get some good breeze and good results.”

“But for sure it's a little disappointing for me to be in a silver fleet but I'm trying to take the max out of it and learn as much as I can. The new scoring system is complicated. As far as I understand it the goal is to make it more interesting and dramatic for spectators but at the same time it should be very easy to understand. At the moment it's everything else but easy to understand. For sure it has positive points as well like making sailing closer but at the same time it's weird, like in Palma it was possible to discard all the first three days after first day of finals.”

Considering we are seven races into a 11 race series the points are incredibly tight. The sailors have effectively started again after taking their overall position after the first five races as a non-discardable first race in the finals series. Only 15 points now separate the top 10. A 2, 7 from Postma puts him in the lead after three days, but it's so close anything can happen.

There are two more days of gold and silver fleet racing before the top 10 go into Saturday’s two medal races.

Results after seven races
1 NED 842 Pieter Jan POSTMA 5.00
2 GBR 41 Giles SCOTT 6.00
3 SLO 573 Vasilij ZBOGAR 6.00
4 NZL 24 Josh JUNIOR 9.00
5 GBR 11 Edward WRIGHT 10.00
6 GBR 85 Andrew MILLS 10.00
7 NZL 16 Andrew MURDOCH 12.00
8 FRA 112 Jonathan LOBERT 13.00
9 AUS 261 Tweddell OLIVER 19.00
10 FIN 218 Tapio NIRKKO 20.00
Full results:
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Consistent Zbogar takes lead on day two

Vasilij Zbogar (SLO) was the best Finn sailor on the second day at the ISAF Sailing World Cup in Hyeres and moves into a 10 point lead at the top of the fleet from Giles Scott (GBR) and Pieter-Jan Postma (NED). Race wins went to Oliver Tweddell, Zbogar and Andrew Mills (GBR).

Light winds dogged the regatta for the second day running. Though the bulk of the fleets were subject to an early postponement to wait for the wind the Finns started on time at 13.00 in about 6 knots that built slightly during the day, with a light chop and a few knots of current making things tight and tactical. Three races were scheduled to complete the opening qualification series.

The first race of the day again went to yesterday’s race 1 winner, Oliver Tweddell. He said, “I got a great start at the pin end, and headed out to the left hand side where there was more pressure and a nice left shift. I managed to take this all the way to the top and extend on the downwind, but lost a lot to Andrew Mills on the last upwind. It was a nail biting run to the finish, and I just managed to beat him to the line.”

Tweddell crossed the finish line first ahead of Mills, Aleksey Selivanov (RUS), Giles Scott (GBR) and Filippo Baldassari (ITA).

First over the line in race four was the best performer on Monday, Josh Junior (NZL), however he was black flagged at the start, giving the race win to Vasilij Zbogar, with Caleb Paine (USA) in second and Vujasinovic Milan (CRO) in third. Paine followed this up with a fourth in the final race of the day to rise to ninth overall, a great recovery after starting his regatta yesterday with a black flag and a 23rd.

Junior said, “I had a good day today picking up a 9th and 11th plus a black flag. I actually won that race so that was really cool. The wind was light again today, but not so shifty. I have been trying really hard to get good starts. Obviously I fired the trigger a little early today, but these things happen.”

In fact much of the fleet is picking up high scores. Yesterday's leader Ed Wright (GBR) placed 35th and 24th before finally getting something right to place seventh in the third and last race of the day to just stay inside the top 10. Another of the favourites is London2012 bronze medalist Jonathan Lobert (FRA), but he is down in 13th after a tough series so far. “It is not easy and very patchy on the water. But some guys managed to be on top many times. Tomorrow the final series starts I will start with a 13th in my pocket, and now I have six races to get back in the game. Everything is still open so we will see at the end of the week.”

Race 5 was won by Andrew Mills (GBR), who had the second best day of any of the sailors. Zbogar completed an excellent day with a second while Berecz Zsombor (HUN) rounded out the top three.

Mills said, “It was a big left hand track all day, which made the race win relatively easy once leading. The hard part was coming off the line in good pressure, which was sometimes more good luck then judgement. It should be interesting tomorrow with good breeze forecast for the next few days.”

On the modified scoring system Tweddell commented, “I think so far up to this point in the regatta the scoring system works out okay, I think a few people will be upset about their points advantages getting cut for the Gold/Silver split, but I guess it depends on what side of it you are. It definitely takes away from the consistent sailor.”

The fleet is now split into gold and silver starts for the three-day, six race final series before the top 10 go into Saturday’s two medal races.

Results after five races
1 SLO 573 Vasilij ZBOGAR 15.00
2 GBR 41 Giles SCOTT 25.00
3 NED 842 Pieter Jan POSTMA 28.00
4 NZL 24 Josh JUNIOR 29.00
5 NZL 16 Andrew MURDOCH 32.00
6 FIN 218 Tapio NIRKKO 37.00
7 GBR 85 Andrew MILLS 38.00
8 AUS 261 Tweddell OLIVER 47.00
9 USA 6 Caleb PAINE 48.00
10 GBR 11 Edward WRIGHT 48.00

Full results: 
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Wins for Wright and Tweddel on tricky Hyeres opener

The 2010 World Champion, Ed Wright (GBR), leads the Finn fleet at the ISAF Sailing World Cup Hyeres after a tricky opening day. After posting a 17th in the first race he came back to win the second race of the day. Oliver Tweddel (AUS) won the opening race, while the best performance of the day was from one of New Zealand's emerging Finn stars, Josh Junior (NZL) who posted a 2, 7 to end the day in fourth, just behind Giorgio Poggi (ITA).

Again there is a new scoring format being trialled at this last Sailing World Cup event in the 2012-3 series. Sailors must count their positions from the qualification series (5 races) over the first two days into the final series (six races) where there will be a gold/silver fleet split. The two double-points, non-discardable medal races will be held next Saturday.

Confused? Ed Wright commented, “Although it's nice to win the race today with the new scoring, overall it pretty much counts to nothing. I am just happy it's a training regatta for me. I am a sailor and I don't even understand it, so good luck to the public.”

The opening day tested sailors and organisers alike with light patchy winds causing early postponements and mixing the fleet up on the water. The fleet of 68 Finns in Hyeres includes some more sailors not present in Palma as well as more new faces. The first race was won by Oliver Tweddel from Josh Junior and Thomas Le Breton (FRA). Tweddel said, “The conditions were extremely tricky today, very shifty and big pressure patches across the course. I managed to get a good clean start in race one and popped out to the right with some nice pressure, then was able to play the shifts from there.”

“I had a nice battle with Caleb [Paine(USA)] for most of the race, but it was great to come back to racing with a win after pulling out of Palma with a tendon injury. I'm pleased with my racing today, although I am taking it one day at a time, and I am hoping to be able to finish the regatta without aggravating my injury.”

Unfortunately Paine was one of the over eager sailors scored BFD after the first race went to a black flag start. The difficult conditions took their toll on some big names. Palma winner Giles Scott (GBR) was down in 29th while Ed Wright was back in 17th.

Wright got it right in the next race though leading round from Giorgio Poggi and Bruno Prada (BRA). Poggi commented, “The racing today was pretty difficult, with 4-6 knots and big areas of lull. During the second upwind of the first race there was a big left shift, which was very difficult to read.”

“In the second race I started on the pin and went straight out. Only Ed Wright could tack on my bow and we rounded the mark first and second, and after that we kept control over the fleet.”

Wright, who is sailing his first major Finn event since Sail for Gold last year said, “It's good to be back Finn racing. I have been working on my fitness over the winter but that did not come in to play today. It was head out the boat and the shift fairy had to be with you. It was wacky racing. I hope the wind improves.”

While under the new scoring format the discard comes in after the second race which distorts the scenery somewhat, the best score over both races today was Josh Junior. “The racing today was extremely close, it was very easy to make some big losses, as the wind and pressure were all over the show. The start line didn’t seem to be able to fit all the boats along it, so it was going to be crucial to get good starts and I did. I couldn’t really believe it after how bad they were in Palma. I didn’t sail perfectly but I did enough to get two good results and I am really happy with my two races today and am looking forward to tomorrow.”

Three races are now scheduled for the Finn on Tuesday from 13.00 to conclude the qualification series. The forecast suggests more light winds.

Results after two races
1 GBR 11 Edward Wright 0.00
2 AUS 261 Oliver Tweddell 0.00
3 ITA 11 Giorgio Poggi 2.00
4 NZL 24 Josh Junior 2.00
5 BRA 1 Bruno Prada 3.00
6 FRA 29 Thomas Le Breton 3.00
7 GBR 41 Giles Scott 4.00
8 NED 842 Pieter-Jan Postma 4.00
9 GER 64 Lennart Luttkus 5.00
10 CZE 5 Ondrej Teply 5.00

Full results:

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Regattentermine März 2015

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HUN 13.03.13 - 17.03.13 Split Olympic Sailing Week
GER 16.03.13 - 17.03.13 Krefelder Finn Cup
GER 30.03.13 - 31.03.13 Rastatter Osterregatta
ESP 30.03.13 - 06.04.13 ISAF Sailing World Cup - 44TROFEO SAR PRINCESA SOFIA – MAPFRE MALLORCA