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25.11.18 - 26.11.18


01.12.18 - 02.12.18

Rafael Trujillo wins first Finn World Masters in Torbole


Whatever the outcome of the final races at the Finn World Masters in Torbole, everyone was a winner with a spectacular final day of sailing. Rafael Trujillo (ESP) won his first Masters title after a great comeback in the medal race to take the win from defending champion Vladimir Krutskikh (RUS) and six times winner Michael Maier (CZE).

Earlier in the day the final races were held for the rest of the sailors. The southerly Ora kicked in good and strong just in time for a 13.00 start with four races started within an hour. Race wins went to Uli Breuer (GER), Christoph Christen (SUI), Aleksandr Kulyukin (RUS) and André Budzien (GER), but more importantly the medals for most of the age categories were determined. The medal race itself was as dramatic as it was scenic. Sailed up against Garda's steep walls, the lead changed three times before Trujillo crossed the finish line ahead to take the overall title and the Masters title.

Super Legend (80+) Pedro Jimínez-Meifren (ESP) took the biggest cheer of the prizegiving, but all week Grand Masters, Grand Grand Masters and Legends have been trading places with the younger Masters. The Masters and Grand Masters medals were all contained within the top 10 with Trujillo winning the Masters title, Maier taking the Grand Masters while Marc Allain des Beauvais (FRA) was assured the Grand Grand Masters title already.

Up on the podium, Trujillo thanked everyone, dedicated his win to the memory of one of his heroes, a Spanish Finn Master sailor who passed away recently. He also thanks all the sponsors and the club for putting on such a great event.

Rafael Trujillo said of his win, “I am very happy I won today as I did quite a lot of things wrong. I had a bad time at the start and went to the right and tacked too early and made all the wrong shifts. At the top mark I didn't think I could make it, but I passed two boats downwind and was back in contention. On the second upwind I was coming closer to Vladimir and Michael. Then I got a little lucky with more pressure on the left and right side of the course and nothing in the middle and Michael was in the middle. He was doing a amazing medal race but he slowed up on the last downwind. Normally I have been winning in the upwind but this is one of the few races that I won on the downwind.”

Vladimir Krutskikh also passed Maier on the final downwind to take second, with Maier very close behind in third.

“It was not what I was expecting. I expected a good start, using my experience, and be easy and not have this kind of thrilling medal race until the last moment. It was too painful for me. Really bad medal race. I hope that my athlete does not see it. It not good for me.” Trujillo joked.

Victory for Trujillo is a milestone for the class – the first time an Olympic medalist has won the title. He said he would be back. “I don't know if I can come next year but the year after I know Balis will be very good venue and the most important thing is I enjoyed being here a lot. The group of sailors in the Finn masters are very nice and I really enjoyed my time here. I enjoy coaching the Finn but I still enjoy sailing it as well.”

Everyone is now returning home, sad that the event is over for another year but buoyed by the knowledge that in one year's time, the Finn World Masters fleet will meet again, in BARBADOS.

Departing for all corners of the world, the Finn Masters President, Andy Denison (GBR) summed up the feeling of many here when he ended the event with the words, “And remember to live life well, with memories, not dreams.” The Finn World Masters will take plenty of memories from Torbole.

Final results (medal race in brackets)

1 ESP 100 Rafael Trujillo 7 (1)
2 RUS 73 Vladimir Krutskikh 9 (2)
3 CZE 1 Michael Maier 13 (3)
4 SUI 86 Piet Eckert 17 (4)
5 AUS 22 Paul Mckenzie 26 (5)
6 SUI 7 Christoph Burger 27 (6)
7 FRA 75 Laurent Hay 30 (7)
8 EST 7 Harles Liiv 31 (8)
9 FRA 99 Marc Allain Des Beauvais 34 (10)
10 UKR 21 Yuriy Tokovoy 37 (9)

Super Legend: Pedro Jimínez-Meifren (ESP)

Legends: 1 Howard Sellars (GBR), 2 Andreii Gusenko (UKR), 3. Henry Sprague (USA)

Grand Grand Masters: 1 Marc Allain des Beauvais (FRA), 2 Rob Coutts (NZL), Umberto Grumelli (ITA)

Grand Masters: 1 Michael Maier (CZE), 2 Laurent Hay (FRA), 3 Yuri Tokovoi (UKR)

Masters: 1 Rafael Trujillo (ESP), 2 Vladimir Krutskikh (RUS), 3 Michael Maier (CZE)

Event website: www.finnworldmasters.com



Torbole Finn World Masters title wide open after racing cancelled on Thursday


For the first time ever, all ten sailors entering the medal race at the Finn World Masters in Torbole have a chance of walking away with the title. With all racing cancelled on Thursday, the points difference from first to tenth is just 14, so theoretically they all have a chance of lifting the title.

Inclement weather was the order of the day. After five days of sunshine and relatively nice weather, the fleet awoke on Thursday to rain and no wind. While some wind did fill in for a while from the north, the rain and cloud effectively excluded the chance of a southerly developing.

No stability to the wind was expected and locals forecast a signifiant drop in wind speed during the early afternoon, so the decision was taken at 12.00 to abandon racing for the day and let the sailors make best use of their penultimate day in a very wet Torbole.

Now the focus turns to the medal race on Friday. Between them Rafa Trujillo (ESP), Vladimir Krutskikh (RUS) and Michael Maier (CZE) have won 15 out of the 24 individual heats sailed, so they remain the favourites. If any one of them wins the race, they win the title.

For the other seven sailors the stars all need to align to stand a chance. Piet Eckert (SUI) can win as long as he beats the top three by one place and finishes in the top three. Others have longer chances of winning, but in medal races anything can and does happen, so they all have some hope.

On the form of those in the medal race Krutskikh and Maier have won the title before, Trujillo has an Olympic medal and also won the Finn Gold Cup, and several others have Olympic experience. It is a world class lineup of sailors like this event has never seen before.

Regarding the other titles, Marc Allain des Beauvais (FRA) has already wrapped up the Grand Grand Masters title, wherever he finishes on Friday. However the Masters, and Grand Masters titles are wide open with six Masters and three Grand Masters in the top 10. Maier has a nine point advantage over Laurent Hay (FRA) for the Grand Master title.

Torbole has put on great conditions for the first three days of the championship and a return to those conditions is expected on Friday with a solid southerly and sunshine forecast for the area. At least everyone will be able to leave dry – those who are camping here report moats around the tents after a day of incessant and often heavy rainfall.

Outside of the top ten, many favourites did not quite make it. With four fleets each day, a scoreline that would normally be enough to make the medal race was not good enough. Seven of those in the next ten boats have made the top 10 on previous occasions – but this year making the medal race has been the toughest fight ever.

Keep in mind the Legends, who have had a more challenging week than most, battling Garda's strong winds and cold waters, as well as each other. Howard Sellers (GBR) is close to his third Legend title, and holds a 28 point lead over Valerii Gusenko (UKR) and a 35 point lead over the defending champion Henry Sprague (USA). One of the oldest sailors here, Willi Meister (GER) is down in 318th place but has also managed to finish every race so far.

Yes, it has been a lot of Finn fun for the biggest group of Finn sailors ever assembled in one place. The fleet will not forget Torbole, and Torbole will never forget the Finn fleet.

On Friday the final races for the rest of the sailors are scheduled to start from 13.00, with the medal race to place place immediately after the last finish. We will attempt to bring some live coverage through Facebook.

Medal race lineup

1 ESP 100 Rafael Trujillo 5
1 RUS 73 Vladimir Krutskikh 5
3 CZE 1 Michael Maier 7
4 SUI 86 Piet Eckert 9
5 FRA 99 Marc Allain Des Beauvais 14
6 EST 7 Harles Liiv 15
7 SUI 7 Christoph Burger 15
8 AUS 22 Paul Mckenzie 16
9 FRA 75 Laurent Hay 16
10 UKR 21 Yuriy Tokovoy 19

Event website: www.finnworldmasters.com

Other photos from Day 3. Full galleries on Facebook and Flickr



Points level with two races to go at Finn World Masters


Nothing can separate the top two sailors at the Finn World Masters in Torbole. Rafa Trujillo (ESP) and Vladimir Krukskikh (RUS) continue to collect race wins and now have six apiece with two races to go. Mike Maier (CZE) stays in third after a third and first.

Otherwise it was an interesting day on Lake Garda with several new race winners. Dimitri Petrov (RUS) and Christoph Burger (SUIR) won a race each, as did Marc Allain des Beauvais (FRA), who followed that with a second place to move up to fifth overall and has all but clinched the Grand Grand Masters title.

Tonight the sailors enjoyed a wonderful championship dinner at a pizzeria in Arco, near where many of the boats have been based. Feeding five hundred people is no easy task. When more than three hundred are Finn sailors, it becomes an Olympic challenge.

Inclement weather and light winds were forecast for Thursday so a change to the programme was made to run two races on Wednesday.

Coming ashore after 18.00, it was a long day in the water, with for the first time postponements afloat and even some general recalls. The wind was the shiftiest it has been all week, with several sailors making big gains and losses. There were also numerous start line infringements with the black flag flying for the first time.

Keeping consistent is proving hard for the majority. With four huge fleets choosing the correct side is crucial. For example on alpha course, closest to Torbole, the fleet has favoured the left all week, while a few have made gains on the right. By the second race today at least half the fleets were heading right into the cliff to pick up the favourable shift.

Even though the sailors were tired after two tough days the competition was no less fierce. Lighter winds were forecast but it still picked up to 20 knots, though by the end of the day it was down to 4-5 knots which proved challenging for the fleet that still had the Oscar flag displayed for free pumping.

The day began with the Annual Masters Meeting where sailors heard about the ongoing growth of the class, the work being done with media and event management and a presentation about next year's Masters in Barbados. The meeting also voted on the 2018 venue. The class was in a very fortunate position to have excellent bids from two experienced and attractive venues. As expected the vote was close, but the meeting chose to hold the 2018 World Masters in Balis, near Barcelona in Spain.

Norway is fielding two sailors this week. Petter Fjeld (NOR) is in 53rd and Ola M. Johannessen (NOR) is in 281st. Norway is just one of 32 countries represented this week from Argentina to Ukraine, from Norway, Russia and Canada in the north to Chile, South Africa and New Zealand in the south.

Over the course of this week, Finn sailors from almost every corner of the globe are racing together in friendship and love of a great boat that has influenced all aspects of sailboat racing worldwide. The sailors here are past the Olympics but enjoy sailing an Olympic class that has brought them so much enjoyment over so many years. There is even one sailor here over 80 – Pedro Jiminez- Meifren (ESP), a Super Legend – who completed both races on Tuesday when sailors half his age did not. You have to respect that.

Finn sailors worldwide aspire to race against the best, but they also aspire to race the Finn World Masters. Even now, more and more are promising to sail next year when the event heads to Barbados. The pinnacle event for these sailors just moves to a different standpoint, but the challenge is the same.

On the Finn Class social media you can find photo galleries and videos from each day. Check out the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for lots more content.

On Lake Garda, battle resumes on Thursday at 12.00 with one race scheduled. The forecast is for light winds and rain.

Dinner in Arco tonight was arguably the largest Finn dinner of all time. After three tough days, the sailors deserved it.

Results after six races - Top 20 from 355

1 ESP 100 Rafael Trujillo, 5
1 RUS 73 Vladimir Krutskikh 5
3 CZE 1 Michael Maier 7
4 SUI 86 Piet Eckert 9
5 FRA 99 Marc Allain Des Beauvais 14
6 EST 7 Harles Liiv 15
7 SUI 7 Christoph Burger 15
8 AUS 22 Paul Mckenzie, 16
9 FRA 75 Laurent Hay 16
10 UKR 21 Yuriy Tokovoy 19
11 NED 121 Martijn Van Muyden 22
12 RUS 711 Dmitrii Petrov 24
13 GER 707 Uli Breuer 26
14 AUT 7 Gubi Michael 26
15 ITA 55 Walter Riosa 27
16 GBR 2 Allen Burrell 27
17 RUS 41 Felix Denikaev 28
18 SUI 5 Christoph Christen 32
19 UKR 8 Taras Havrysh 36
20 RUS 161 Aleksandr Kulyukin 37

Event website: www.finnworldmasters.com



Perfect scores for Trujillo and Krutskikh after second day at Finn Masters in Torbole


Risk management was the deciding factor on the second day of the Finn World Masters in Torbole as local knowledge and Garda geometry meant that there were many changes in position through the four groups as the 355 Finns battled against strong, cold and remarkably shifty winds all day. Rafael Trujillo (ESP), Vladimir Krutskikh (RUS) and Mike Maier (CZE) all recorded a perfect score with two race wins each, while other race wins went to Harles Liiv (EST) and Yuri Tokovoi (UKR).

After a week of non-Garda like conditions, the pattern seemed to be restored this morning with a northerly wind on the lake in early morning. True to form the breeze died during the morning to be replaced by a strengthening southerly that rose to around 20 knots for most of the day, though with some sizeable calmer patches passing down the lake catching out the unwary, or just the unlucky.

Many of the top sailors increased their points score today with now only Trujillo and Krutshikh on minimum points. The random fleet allocation software randomly decided that these two would not meet at any point until the medal race, so if there is to be a showdown it will have to wait until Friday.

Piet Eckert (SUI) was dominant upwind in his group but couldn't hold off Krutskikh downwind and Luuk Kuijper (NED) led one race for a while before being reeled in by Maier downwind. Vasiliy Kravchenko (RUS) led round a top mark before Trujillo recovered from a poor start and motored through to the lead. The stories from the day are endless.

While the championship is only at its half way stage, there is still a long way to go with just three points separating the top four. The top four are all former Olympians, but Trujillo is showing the greatest speed of all of them so far, and for many, remains the favourite.

After nearly fifty years of competition, the Finn World Masters remains one of the most important events in the International Finn Calendar. A quarter of a century ago the event name was changed from the Veteran Gold Cup to the Finn World Masters to reflect this. The Masters has been often copied but never matched. It has survived because of the camaraderie and support of large numbers of Finn sailors worldwide who just enjoy racing a great boat together with friends made through a lifetime of involvement in the class. Many of those who raced in the early Veteran worlds are here this week, attracted by the spirit of the class and the intense competition. No one gives away an inch in a Finn race and that is as true today as it was half a century ago, at all levels.

Racing on Garda continues until Friday. There is a maximum of four races left, three fleet races and then the final race and medal race on Friday.

Sailing continues on Wednesday, when in a change to the programme, two races have been scheduled from 14.00 after the Annual Masters Meeting in the morning, where among other matters, the venue – Marsala, Sicily or Balis, Spain – for the 2018 Finn World Masters will be decided.

Results after four races (eight more heats) - Top 20 from 355

1 ESP 100 Rafael Trujillo 4
1 RUS 73 Vladimir Krutskikh 4
3 CZE 1 Michael Maier 6
4 SUI 86 Piet Eckert 7
5 EST 7 Harles Liiv 11
6 AUS 22 Paul Mckenzie 14
7 FRA 75 Laurent Hay 16
8 AUT 7 Gubi Michael 17
9 FRA 99 Marc Allain Des Beauvais 17
10 SUI 7 Christoph Burger 18
11 UKR 21 Yuriy Tokovoy 19
12 GER 707 Uli Breuer 23
13 RUS 711 Dmitrii Petrov 26
14 SWE 59 Lars Edwall 27
15 NED 780 Jan Willem Kok 32
16 RUS 41 Felix Denikaev 33
17 RUS 161 Aleksandr Kulyukin 35
18 GER 193 Thomas Schmid 37
19 ITA 55 Walter Riosa 37
20 NED 60 Luuk Kuijper 39

Event website: www.finnworldmasters.com



Perfect conditions launch Finn World Masters with eight races in Torbole

Knowledge of Lake Garda's winds proved an essential ingredient on the first day of racing at the Finn World World Masters as the best sailors rose to the top. Defending champion Vladimir Krutskikh (RUS), 2004 Olympic silver medalist Rafa Trujillo (ESP) and Piet Eckert (SUI) all won both races in their groups to sit on top of the 355 boat fleet.

In addition, from the eight heats sailed, individual wins went to 1996 Olympian Paul McKenzie (AUS), and the 2000 and 2002 Finn Masters World Champion John Greenwood (GBR).

Numb legs and sore muscles were the order of the day as a solid, and cold, 14-22 knot Ora swept down the lake challenging the fleet with some tight tactical racing. The corners proved popular, especially on the northern course.

Garda put on its best today, if slightly cold, but at least the day stayed dry for the first time since the sailors had arrived. The forecast for the rest of the week is, at best, changeable, with the usual Garda weather not fully in place just yet.

Sailors from 32 countries are enjoying the hospitality of Torbole. Each day Finns are launched from all corners of the northern end of the lake and for four hours the lake is filled with Finn sails and Finn sailors battling tooth and nail for every position. They might be old, but Finn Masters have lost none of their competitive nature.

Having so many rock star names in the fleet has raised the profile of the event far beyond the original concept when a group of ageing sailors decided to race together each year for fun. The Masters has transformed itself into the largest Finn competition each year.

A silver medalist in Athens in 2004, and world champion in 2007, Trujillo is sailing in his first World Masters and has made the best possible start. More lately coaching the 2013 World Champion Jorge Zarif (BRA), he has taken a break from coaching duties to finally be able to sail this championship. While Trujillo probably had the hardest fleet allocation today, Krutskikh was also dominant in his fleet, powering away for two comfortable wins.

Mckenzie has been training hard for this regatta, after his first Finn World Masters last year where he placed 14th. Eckert is also sailing his second Masters after a 17th last year.

But this event is not just about the winning, but more about the taking part, the more so the further you go down the fleet. While the top Grand Master (50+) is the six times champion Mike Maier (CZE) in fifth, and the leading Grand Grand Master (60+) is Marc Allain des Beauvais (FRA) in tenth, the leading Legend (70+) is Valerii Gusenko (UKR) in 104th.

Lake Garda has been called by some sailors here as the University of Sailing. Everyone is learning something about the nuances of sailing on Europe's most famous lake. The Finn is also a university for life with stories and memories being told and relived each evening in the bars and restaurants of Torbole. It is a huge melting pot of experience and knowledge.

Even though some sailors didn't have the day on the water they wanted, the scenery around them is simply breathtaking. The geography of the area that creates its world famous winds dominates the racing, with the huge mountainsides towering above the small boats putting everything into perspective. But it is the boat, the fantastic Finn, that is the true equaliser.

Sailing continues on Tuesday with two more races scheduled for 13.00

Results after two races (eight heats) - Top 20 from 355

1 ESP 100 Rafael Trujillo 2
1 RUS 73 Vladimir Krutskikh 2
1 SUI 86 Piet Eckert 2
4 AUS 22 Paul Mckenzie 3
5 CZE 1 Michael Maier 4
5 GER 707 Uli Breuer 4
7 FRA 75 Laurent Hay 5
8 GBR 2 Allen Burrell 7
9 EST 7 Harles Liiv 8
10 FRA 99 Marc Allain Des Beauvais 9
11 RUS 711 Petrov Dmitrii 9
12 SUI 7 Christoph Burger 10
13 SWE 59 Lars Edwall 10
14 AUT 7 Gubi Michael 12
15 GER 19 Andreas Bollongino 12
15 NED 121 Martijn Van Muyden 12
17 ITA 89 Florian Demetz 13
18 NED 7 Cees Scheurwater 13
18 RUS 41 Felix Denikaev 13
20 ITA 80 Martin Atzwanger 14

Event website: www.finnworldmasters.com

Full results on the club website under Regate



Largest Finn event in history opens in Fantastica Torbole

Circolo Vela Torbole tonight welcomed more than 355 Finn sailors from 32 countries for the opening ceremony of the 2016 Finn World Masters. There are Finns and Finn sailors everywhere you look, spread along the shore all the way between Torbole and Riva. Before the opening ceremony, the practice races were held in near perfect conditions with more than 250 Finns taking to the water to sample Garda's glacial waters.

Lanfranco Cirillo (RUS), who is sponsoring the event through his Fantastica Sailing Team, as well as sailing in the championship, spoke about the spirit of the Finn class and Finn sailors worldwide, an Olympic class for all, for the strongmen of the sailing world. “The Finn is not just a boat it is a lifestyle.” Not many present tonight would disagree with his sentiments.

Uppermost in everyone's mind though is that this event in Torbole is making history. The previous record of 273 entries has been far surpassed, though the forecast for the week has reduced the entry list from its previous higher numbers.

Sunshine and showers have been the predominant themes so far with lake Garda is not yet showing the conditions that it is famed for. Many of those who arrived early spent time watching a windless lake through the rain, while enjoying Italian hospitality.

The hope is that conditions will improve through the week, and certainly the practice races on Sunday produced the best conditions for the past week with sunshine and 14-18 knots of Ora marking a spectacular precursor to an event the fleet has spent two years looking forward to.

Even though the club is rather congested the sailors are making the most of meeting old and making new friends from across the world. For some The Finn Masters is their only event of the year.

Regardless of the damp conditions tonight, spirits are high, especially with the much awaited free bottle of Fantastica Sailing Team labelled wine for everyone from Cirillo, promised when he presented the bid to host the event two years ago. Finn sailors have long memories.

For some it is a first visit to Garda, for many it is a return to a hallowed sailing ground, but the interest of an event in Garda was always high. The fleet is now looking forward to a great week of racing. Eight races are scheduled from Monday to Friday, with a medal race for the top sailors on Friday.

Under the cliffs at the northern end of Lake Garda, four starts were arranged on Sunday to give the race team and sailors some practice. Colour groups didn't seem to matter much with a huge fleet starting on the first gun, eager to get the practice done and negotiate the tricky landing to head to the bar. From Monday, the 355 Finns will sail in four colour groups on two course areas. It will be some spectacle.

Competitors in Torbole include many former Olympians and many former champions. Increasing numbers of sailors are returning to the class for the great competition that it offers and the standard is rising every year. The defending champion is Vladimir Krutskikh (RUS), but he will have a tough job retaining the title with many new first time Masters, who have trained hard for this event.

Keeping with tradition is as much a part of the Finn class as great competition. The tradition within the Finn class is that once a Finn sailor, always a Finn sailor. And to prove just that, the 2016 Finn World Masters has attracted 33 Legends, those over 70 years old, who just can't seem to give it up. They are an inspiration to the fleet and proof, if any was needed, that Finn sailing remains a sport for life, as well as a lifestyle.

Event website: www.finnworldmasters.com



Erste Eindrücke der Masters WM 2016 am Gardasee


Training zur Masters Vorbereitung

Liebe Teilnehmer der Masters 2016. Um eine gute Vorbereitung für die Weltmeisterschaft zu gewährleisten, biete ich euch ein Training am Gardasee an. Dabei steht sowohl das Wassertraining als auch das kennen lernen der Regattabahn im Mittelpunkt. Das Trainings würde vom 14.4 - 17.4 stattfinden. Zusätzlich wäre eine Betreuung während der Regatta möglich.
Bei Interesse könnt Ihr mich unter miller.m[at]gmx.net kontaktieren.
Trainning vom 14-17.4 im CV Torbole
Training: 5-10 Personen
Preis: ab 60€ pro Tag
Betreuung während der WM (14.5-20.5):
Betreuung: max 10 Personen in einer Gruppe

Preis: ab 50€ pro Tag

Weitere Termine auf Anfrage

Anmeldung bitte über miller.m[at]gmx.net

Torbole pre-entries reach 368

Entries continue to come in for the 2016 Finn World Masters in Torbole. The latest entry list shows 368 entries from 31 countries.

Please note the normal entry deadline is April 15.
We have now arranged that the club will run TWO course areas with four starts per race. The intention is to use the same randomised starting list system as was used successfully in Kavala.
There are also some new charter boats listed here: http://www.finnworldmaster.com/torbole-2016/charter-boats



‘The Ultimate Challenge’ is a challenge for life – 300 pre-entries for Finn World Masters

Those who have sailed the Finn through an Olympic campaign know it well as ‘The Ultimate Challenge’. This moniker has stuck with the class through generations and remains as true today as it ever was – except perhaps more so, as the Olympians of previous generations are regressing back to their youthful dreams of glory and finding a new rewarding challenge at the Finn World Masters.
This week the 2016 Finn World Masters at Torbole on Lake Garda pre-registered its 300th entrant. That’s right. 300 oldie Finn sailors from 29 countries will be reliving their youth for another year. Tempting fate here, it is heading towards being the biggest Finn event of all time, and there are still three months to go.
Many former Finn rock stars are now back in the Finn after a short absence because they see the Finn as a sport for life, something that gets into your system, that you can’t quite let go of, and, which provides a competitive environment while also recognising the huge heritage and tradition of the class.
They may be aging, greying and a bit creaky at times, but there is something about sailing the Finn that brings these world-class back to the class after all they have achieved since their youthful Olympic campaigns. It keeps them young and becomes their pinnacle event of the year. If further proof was needed, this year there are 26 Legends (over 70 years old) and one Super Legend (over 80 years old) taking part. They just refuse to stop.
Gianfranco Tonelli (ITA), President of the host club, Circolo Vela Torbole, is very excited at the prospect of a huge Finn fleet on Garda this May.
“We were very happy to win the right to hold this event, and now we are even happier to know that the championship will be one of the largest of all time. It’s a confirmation for us about the popularity of North Lake Garda and Circolo Vela Torbole. This year we will have many World and European championships and the king of all these events is the Finn World Masters.”
“For our club it the culmination of many successful years and a confirmation of the prestige of Circolo Vela Torbole in the world of sailing. In the near future we hope to have many other events and also many other events for the Finn Class. We are very grateful to the Finn Class and World Sailing for this opportunity. For us it will be a must to make this the best Finn World Masters there has ever been.”
Andy Denison (GBR), Finn World Masters President said, “In the last four years the Finn World Masters has grown considerably and is attracting a large number of former Olympians and sailors returning to the class after some years away.”

“Despite the organic fallout (getting too old) we are set to see one of the biggest turnouts ever for Torbole 2016, reinforcing the fact that more and more Finn sailors are joining the Masters fleet. We are really looking forward to competing at Torbole and on Lake Garda and the high numbers underline the ever-present enthusiasm within the fleet.”
The 2016 Finn World Masters takes place from 13-20 May.







Claus Wimmer als 2. Vorsitzender berufen

Gemäß unserer Satzung (Ziffer 6 c, letzter Absatz) hat der Vorstand in seiner Sitzung am 29.10.201mehr


Statement from the International Finn Association



Herbsttraining 2018 in Kiel

Training in KielNach dem erfolgreichen Training im Mai mit Max und Phillip, hatte Uwe esmehr