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„Weihnachtsgeschenke 2017“

The latest news from the International Finn Association.
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New books published about the Finn class at the Rio 2016 Olympics

Two new Finn books have been published just in time for that perfect Christmas present for the Finn sailor in your life. Both books cover the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

Between a Rock and a Hard Race
takes the reader on a four-year journey through the eyes of the Finn class athletes who campaingned for and took part in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. It begins on a hill in Weymouth and follows the highs and lows of most of the sailors as they journey towards Rio. It provides some fascinating analysis of managing an Olympic campaign, with extensive comments from many sailors, including all three medalists, as well as the coach of the eventual gold medalist. Much of the content is adapted from the hundreds of Finn Class press releases and interviews that were issued between 2012 and 2016, but these have been woven into a tight narrative with exclusive extra content and insight. At 269 pages and 105,000 words, it is probably the most in-depth book ever released about an Olympic sailing competition, and the challenges the athletes faced to stand on the top of the podium.

Click here to read some excerpts.

Paperback • 284 pages • 105,000 words • 215 x 140 mm • ISBN: 978-0-9559001-7-4

Only available through Amazon • Cost: £13.50 • Published: 24 November 2017 • Also on Kindle. Order here.

Between a Rock and a Camera Lens is a photobook of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games with more than 400 photographs of the Finn Class in Rio, covering every race and every sailor. It is complemented by daily summaries and many quotes from sailors as they competed for Olympic gold.

Click here to download some sample pages.

Limited Edition Hard Back • 80  pages • 210 x 210 mm • Full colour • ISBN: 978-0-9559001-6-7 

Cost: £18 plus shipping • Published: 10 November 2017

For further information, please visit the FINNSHOP


Also available

Finn Class Calendar 2018


The History and Techniques of Finn Sailing


First published in 1999.
208 pages • 297 x 210 mm • US trade paper • black and white • soft cover

Price: £18.99


Finntastic Games

The Finn Class at the 2012 Olympic Games
Price: £11.99




Potsdamer Einhand-Pokal fällt aus

Liebe Seglerinnen und Segler,aufgrund der geringen Meldezahlen, sagen wir unseren diesjährigen Potsdamer Einhand-Pokal ab. Wir freuen uns auf zahlreiche Meldungen im kommenden Jahr und wünschen allen mehr


Michael Möckel aus dem Vorstand ausgeschieden

Michael Möckel hat mit an den Vorstand gerichteten Mail vom 24.08.2018 mitgeteilt, dass er auf eigenen Wunsch das Amt des 2. Vorsitzenden niederlegen möchte. Ich danke Michael im Namen des Vorstamehr


Protokoll JHV 2018

Das Protokoll der JHV anlässlich der IDM am Bodensee ist nun online. hier gehts zum Downloadmehr

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