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FINN CLASS NEWS February 2013

FINN CLASS NEWS February 2013

Dear sailors,

With the new Olympic quadrennium, ISAF has taken some new steps to bring more attention to sailing.

Nation flags on sail, will be now compulsory for each SWC events. Palma is the first event to have this requirement. You will find the new rule below. It is also on the IFA website at www.finnclass.org. We urge all sailors attending the Palma SWC to order their flags with the approved manufacturer asap.

New formats have been tested in Miami and will be also trialled in Palma. For the Finns, it will be a qualifying series followed by finals and two medal races. All the details will be provided soon.

The last important point is the lower entry quota for Palma and Hyères. The Finn entry quota has been lowered by 25% to 60 entries. If we want to have a chance to increase the entry quota, we encourage all sailors who have not yet entered the event, to do so as soon as possible and before the 18th of February.

Enter here: http://www.trofeoprincesasofia.org/en/default/inscripcion/inscripcionembarcacion

In order to update our records, could National association officers please let us know if there have been any changes in your National class (new officers, number of members...)

We count on you to forward this information to your sailors, and we are available to help you and answer your questions.

Thank you

The IFA team


Class Rules change - national flags on sails (link to website)

At the ISAF November 2012 Conference, Submission 086-12 was passed, requiring that  “At the ISAF Sailing World Championships, and at all ISAF Sailing World Cup regattas, all Olympic Class boats shall carry nation flags on their mainsails, in accordance with their Class Rules. If the Class Rules do not include a specification for carrying nation flags, they shall be carried in accordance with ISAF specifications.”

The Class worked with manufacturers, the 470 Class and ISAF to develop a new Class Rule to cover this requirement.

The following amendments to the Class Rules have been approved to be effective 1st March 2013 by the Class Rules Sub-committee.

(c) At the ISAF Sailing World Cup and the ISAF Sailing World Championship, or when required by the Notice of Race, a skipper national flag, nominal size 740 x 443 mm, shall be applied to each side of the sail, positioned such that the aft edge of each flag is between 50 and 100 mm of the leech and the upper edge between 50 and 100 mm below the second lower batten pocket. The flags shall be made by an ISAF approved manufacturer as listed at http://www.sailing.org/classesandequipment/FINN.php .

The following files may be useful:

Full amendment with diagram

Order form for Grapefruit Graphics

List of current suppliers approved by ISAF



Claus Wimmer als 2. Vorsitzender berufen

Gemäß unserer Satzung (Ziffer 6 c, letzter Absatz) hat der Vorstand in seiner Sitzung am 29.10.2018 einstimmig beschlossen, Claus Wimmer bis zu den turnusmäßigen Vorstandswahlen in 2020 zu berufen.mehr


Statement from the International Finn Association



Herbsttraining 2018 in Kiel

Training in KielNach dem erfolgreichen Training im Mai mit Max und Phillip, hatte Uwe es erneut geschafft, die beiden für ein weiteres Training zu gewinnen. Und so trafen wir uns für 4 Tage in Kiel zumehr

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